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  • Gerber Paraframe I Knife Ti-Grey

    Although Gerber has a wide range of outstanding knives, the Gerber Paraframe I Knife (Titanium Grey) has become one of the most popular and trusted. The 3.01-inch blade boasts a clip point and fine edge and is made from high-carbon titanium coated stainless steel. Attached to the blade is an open…

  • Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife (w/Sheath)

    Although the Gerber LMF II Infantry knife was and still is commonly used by military personnel, it adapts easily to a personal protection tool. Designed by Jeff Freeman, former military man, the knife is masterfully engineered for optimal strength and durability. For cutting and slicing even tough…

    Price: $79.19
  • Gerber Ghostrike Punch Knife

    The Ghostrike Series Punch Knife is a skeletonized t-handle fixed blade designed for self-defense applications. The rubberized over-mold grip features a diamond texture, providing superior control in critical situations. Made with 420HC steel, the Ghostrike Punch Knife blade’s black ceramic coating…

    Price: $33.99
  • Gerber Myth Folding Saw

    Designed by professional hunters and guides, the Myth series offers a well articulated assemblage of products for use in the field during and after a successful hunt. With slim profiles and lightweight, durable designs, the Myth line sets a new standard for hunting knives and accessories, serving to…

    Price: $27.59
  • Gerber Gator Machete, 15" Blade

    The Gerber Gator Machete is a highly versatile blade that delivers an impressive array of features. In addition to having a 15-inch razor-sharp blade, this machete also features an 18-inch heavy-duty saw blade on the back. For any outdoor application, this is the blade you will want to have on hand.…

    Price: $16.99
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