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Rcbs Lock out Die

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  • RCBS Pro Chucker 7 Progressive Press

    …any way you want: Seat bullets and crimp separately. Use a bullet feeder but also use a Lock-Out or Powder Checker die. With seven stations, you can do it all. * The quick-change die plate allows fast caliber change over for even greater efficiency. * Standard primer pick up tubes are used with the…

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    Price: $939.99
  • RCBS Lock-Out Die

    The Lock-Out Die detects a “no powder” or “double charge” condition in the progressive reloading process. It locks up, halting the travel of the ram, and alerting the reloader to the problem so the cause can be corrected. It will not let reloaders continue without removing the improperly charged…

    Price: $59.99
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